Monday, 16 November 2015

5 critical factors to decide while starting up a job listing freelance website

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With the ever rising online freelance industry, the question of 'how to get a freelance work' may not be a worry anymore for people interested in working from their homes. Many entrepreneurs have been showing a keen interest in launching freelance websites to offer 'work from home' jobs. Such websites act as a bridge connecting employers and freelancers.

That said, before to starting up a job listing freelance website, thorough analysis of what should go into your website, how to structure it, what features it should have, what mistakes aren't to be committed have to be understood.

5 critical factors to decide while starting up a job listing freelance website

Choosing right template

The foremost point to be remembered when creating a job listing freelance website is choosing an amazing template. Coroflot template, which is a Coroflot clone, will do a commendable job by creating a great job listing freelance website. Listing of jobs by the employers will be easy. The user interface and navigation is so good that freelancers can easily apply for the jobs, after which the employer selects the one whom he considers suitable. What sets the Coroflot software apart from the rest is its designs and features, which are modern in approach.


The PHP based template which you use for creating your freelance platform has to be enriched with great features. Some, like resume rating, category management, user reviews, wallet, Google maps integration, social connectivity and social marketing will turn out to be decisive in the success of your online job listing freelance website.  

Enhanced admin dashboard

Enhanced admin dashboard for your website is necessary. Being the owner of the website, you need to manage your website easily and effectively. The performance of the site can be analyzed and reviewed. Updates and required changes can be made, accordingly.

Payment gateway

Since there is so much diversification, and different types of payment gateways, meeting the demands of your website users in this aspect holds so much of importance. Each individual user of your freelance website should make hassle-free payments. So, it is important that multiple payment gateways are integrated into the website

Revenue options

The revenue options, which you integrate into your job listing freelance website, form the focal point in your monetary success. Charging a fee for job listing, urgent listing and featured listing has to be done competitively, keeping in mind the percentage of fee charged by your competitor websites.


So, as a motivated entrepreneur willing to startup a next-generation job listing freelance platform, you have to make smart decisions in order to emerge successfully.


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